Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New phone ramblings

I got the Samsung Flight on Friday night. It's a cool phone. Little did I know, though, when I got it that it wouldn't sync to my computer like my blackjack did. I did do some research online for phones, but cost for the ones I really liked was just out of reach for now. So I'd decided that I would go for whatever was 'free'. This one wasn't really free, I've got to mail in the rebate, but it'll do.

I loved that my blackjack would let me sync my calendar with outlook. I found out that this one won't. I did find, though, that I can access google calendar from it, which works well enough. I'm missing, though, the proper version of outlook for google sync to work. I have 2002, it wants 2003 or 2007. So, I have to export my calendar to excel and then upload it to google. I'll survive. I may eventually even update my desktop computer.

I took my phone to Yule Log and took pictures and uploaded them to facebook. I got better reception than I previously have while I was at Scout Land. I like the QWERTY keyboard, especially since it slides out too. I've even 'broken in' my new phone. I managed to drop it on Monday while at school. Made the back come off and the battery come out. So, it's been christened.

I'll probably download some of the cool games onto it at some point. Likely after the holidays. My kids'll have fun stealing my phone just to play them.

At any rate, my phone works and I'm back in touch with everyone. You never realize just how much you miss it (even if you don't use it much) until it's gone.

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