Monday, November 30, 2009


When the comcast guys came out last week to work on our cable service, I knew they were confused by how long it took them to come up with a fix. Their 'fix' was to replace all the outside cabling and installing an amplifier on the outside of the house. Now, I didn't think to look outside after as they'd already said they'd have someone come bury the new cable within 10 days of them having been there. I went out the front door for the first time since they were here this morning to watch my kids get on the bus. I discovered that their amplifier is plugged into the outlet on my front porch. That is NOT acceptable. When they come to bury their own line, they can come with an electrician and do that the right way. I'm not giving up my outlet on my front porch (of all things) for their plug. Annoying and it detracts from the appearance of my porch.

The plug on my front porch. The amplifier and dangling cables on the side of my house.

My husband says it's probably not worth worrying about as he plans to order AT&T's Uverse for us. Hopefully, he'll do that in a more timely manner than COMCAST with their stuff.

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