Monday, October 19, 2009

Review: Vaseline Sheer Infusion

I was given a trial of 2 of the new Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotions, Botanical Blend and Mineral Renewal. I tend to have really dry skin, especially during the winter. I have to constantly use lotion of some sort or I walk around with chalky white flaky skin. So when the opportunity came up, I took it. The next little bit is from the company and explains the product itself.

The Background

New Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™ body lotion is a breakthrough in moisturizing technology that delivers superior moisture** across all skin’s layers of skin.*

Stratys-3™, the most powerful, patented moisturizing complex on the market,**combines three ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture across the skin’s top, core and deep down layers.* This results in unprecedented hydration leading to better, more healthy moisturized skin and an unmatched silky skin feel. Clinical studies show that more hydration leads to improved skin softness, smoothness and quicker elimination of dry skin.


Most body lotions on the market today use glycerin as the primary humectant to attract and hold moisture. Glycerin is effective at penetrating the skin’s core, but because it sinks down into skin, it can leave the outermost surface layer, where moisture is needed most on a day-to-day basis, vulnerable to water loss resulting in dry unhealthy skin. Furthermore, as lotions increase glycerin levels to improve performance, they can leave skin feeling sticky. Stratys-3 offers a better solution for delivering optimal hydration to all skin’s surface layers than the current industry standard, glycerin. Each ingredient in the Stratys-3 complex was selected for its unique ability to work optimally at a specific layer of skin so when combined into a lotion, it can effectively care for the top, core and deep down layers of surface skin. “We recognized the limitations of glycerin several years ago and set out on a mission to identify a better way to moisturize skin’s many layers while not sacrificing the sensory benefits of a lotion,” says Greg Nole, Unilever Research and Development. “We were very excited to discover Glycerol Quat, a revolutionary humectant that uniquely moisturizes in a way that overcomes the restrictions of glycerin. GQ has more moisturizing power than glycerin, so it delivers the same performance at lower levels, resulting in a better skin feel.”

The Review

Overall, the product works very well. It took me a little while to figure out that the moisturizer doesn't 'sink in' and feels odd when applied. I guess expectations can be hard to break. Normally when I apply a moisturizer or lotion, it sinks in quite quickly and makes my skin feel soft for a while. With this one, it seems a lot of it sinks in quickly, leaving a (for lack of a better word) residue behind. This must be the Glycol Quot (GQ) that the background refers to. The first time I applied it, I thought it had left half of the moisturizer behind and I expected it to either rub off when I got dressed or to be sticky. It didn't appear to do either. The lotion lasted longer than most and did a very nice job. The feeling took a little for me to get used to, but isn't bad.

What I really like (other than the results) is the scent. Very light but very pleasant. I like lotions to have some scent, I'm not big on the scentless ones. This one wasn't overbearing and left just enough behind to make me happy without it seeming like perfume. (I don't wear perfume as a rule.)

So would I recommend it? Yes. I'll even supply the link for you to find coupons and more information so you can judge for yourself. You can go to: to get information and a $1.50 off coupon.

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