Thursday, October 29, 2009

FLYing update

I'm in stasis. I haven't moved forward, I haven't moved back. I suppose this is a relatively GOOD thing, it just isn't getting things done. I have a hard time being motivated to do things when I'm at the school during the day, coming home to help kids get dinner and homework done. Hard habits to break. Hopefully I'll improve next week. I'm not currently scheduled to work, so I want to work on the ceiling in my den.

I am still managing to shine my sink and to swish & swipe in my bathroom. I always lay out my clothes and get dressed to the shoes. I do manage to do a 5 minute 'clean your flat surfaces' but that seems a never ending battle (probably always will be). I just haven't managed to keep with the goals set daily. I'm still working on it, though.

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