Friday, October 09, 2009

Firefly Phone GloPhone

Thanks to Kelloggs and Publix, I got one of these for free (well, I did have to buy Kelloggs products AT Publix, but that wasn't a huge hardship). I've set it up for my kids to use as emergency contacts only. They'll share it, but only one should have it at a time. It'll make ME feel better knowing they can get in touch with me if they need to. It also helps me to know that I can get in touch with them just to check in if I feel the need. So, call it Mom's Security Blanket.

It's nice that it's inexpensive and I can control it (for now). When my kids are older (teens), they'll have phones they can control more closely. For now, it's not necessary. The Firefly lets me program in multiple phone numbers (anyone I think they should be able to reach in case it's needed), up to 50. My phone and my husband's phone are accessible with just a single button. Emergency can be contacted with it's own button as well. There's a delay before it actually dials either Emergency or Mom/Dad to prevent accidental dialing. Though with backpacks, a book sitting on it might be an issue.

Today is the first day my kids will get a chance to take it for a spin. My son will be out with a buddy today, I'll be elsewhere. So, they'll both have a way to call home and I'll relax (at least a litte) about it.

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