Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camping with a Troop

My den was invited to go camping with a local troop this weekend. The troop planned on doing a portion of their space exploration merit badge during the afternoon, then heading out to a local corn maze that evening after dinner. The boys had a lot of fun participating. They got to make 'rockets' out of plastic drink bottles, cardboard and duct tape. Oh, the magic and power of duct tape. Then they were able to launch them to see how their creations did. My son's didn't last the first couple of launchings, not that he really minded. He just launched the bottle without the 'rocket' part.

This picture is listening to the actual 'how to' and such portion of the merit badge. You can see that my son is thrilled to have me out there taking pictures.

This one is launching his home made 'rocket'. They are powered by air pressure. Just a bit of water, then pumped full of air and released.

No pictures from the corn maze, but they did have a lot of fun. I held the record for getting through the maze and finding all the 'hidden' spots you're supposed to find the fastest (only one wrong turn). The boys may actually go WITH me next time instead of doing it on their own. Not that it really slowed them down any, they still had a blast.

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