Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sept. Storm (Monday)

I have to say yesterday was interesting. I've been listening to the thunder storms most mornings around 1a and haven't thought too much about them. Yesterday I got up and found out that the schools are delayed by an hour and a half. We were scheduled to take Bill's car in to the shop to get some body work done. So, we figured we'd head out and get back before the bus came. On the way TO the shop, we hear that the schools are closed. On the way we see at least one street blocked by police. As we got to where the body shop is, we find the area blocked by police.. we can't even get to the body shop. The area it's located in is flooded. Given what we saw, we decided we'd hold off on getting his repairs done. Since my condensor is dead, I'm taking it in Wednesday instead to get fixed. This repair is almost as much as the body work his car will require. So, it'll be a while longer before his gets fixed. In the meantime, here's hoping we don't float away like my new friend here who was definitely trying to find his way OUT of the current.. I can't say he appreciated my help much, though..

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