Friday, September 25, 2009

Product Review - Bounce Dryer Bars

I don't normally do reviews on products, but occasionally one stands out and I'll make the effort. I put one of these in my dryer more than a month ago and it has seen a lot of use since. I won't say that it OUT SOFTENS the dryer sheet, but it does just as well. The freshness and static cling factor work out to the same. It's nice not having to remember to toss a dryer sheet in. It's even nicer not having to keep the box of them sitting on my dryer (or elsewhere) getting in my way. The bar is still going strong even though I do (on average) 2-3 loads a week. So, I recommend it's use and will keep using it myself. I have a few $1.50 off coupons that I'll share with those local to me if you drop me a note. I'll update in a couple of months if it actually lasts the claimed 4 months.
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