Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back Pains

I've been having random back pain for the last month. I finally got tired of it and went to the doctor's office at the end of August. I received the results late yesterday afternoon: arthritis. IN MY BACK? Lordy, just what I needed to know. So, I'd guess that makes now a good time to find a fitness program and MAKE it fit my schedule. Now if I can make it fit my budget.

I already get out and walk in the mornings when my kids are at school (or at least I try), so I need something "more". I'd love to try a yoga class again, I'm sure that'd help my core strength and flexibility, though doing anything should be an improvement.

That said, I'm looking at rejoining the YMCA, though I'll join a different one than before. I'm looking at the Robert D. Fowler facility. It offers gymnastics (which my daughter wants to try) as well as other things to keep my kids busy while I work out. That way if I have to go after school, I don't have to worry as much about them.

I'm also looking at the Curves which is here near home. It's closer to home and the kids can sit and do homework if I have to go to school first. That one should only take a 30 minute workout.

I'll have to evaluate costs and advantages to each before I make a decision, though I'm leaning heavily toward the Y.

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