Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cub Scouts (frustration)

The past few weeks I've been trying to set up my basic schedule for my boys to finish up as Webelos and become Boy Scouts. The past few days I've started talking to troops to see about visits (knowing my boys will need to pick a Troop). Today it hit me that I've had extreme tunnel vision this past year. I love my assistant leaders, don't get me wrong, but someone needed to be a Gibbs and smack my head. Doing it NOW won't help, but if they'd done it last year..

As it turns out, I've been working on the schedule to finish ALL the activity badges, with the aim of getting my older boys their Arrow of Light in the process. Of course, our sister Troop has had mostly dead silence towards me and my den for some time. That's a dual fault, I haven't tried talking to them this past year and they haven't tried talking to me either (tunnel vision, I say, tunnel vision). Den chief? nope, none of those. Unfortunately, another troop tried providing one (or two) to us and those didn't work either. I'm not sure if I scared the boys off or what. So, no real contact with other troops.

That isn't really the big deal, though it might have helped. The 'big deal' is that one of the req's for Arrow of Light is an outdoor activity with a Troop. Sounds simple? Not necessarily. We have our schedule, they have their schedule, and families have their own.

Someone just shoot me now.. I'm sure I'll figure SOMETHING out, right now, though it seems a bit impossible.

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