Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Georgia Aquarium/World of Coke

I took my kids to the Aquarium yesterday. We left fairly early to get there around opening time. This was necessary so that I could see about getting annual passes taken care of. At any rate, as per usual with my children, the visit was a 'zoom' visit. We did go see the Titanic (which according to a billboard I've seen, leaves Sept. 7th), which my daughter still thinks is spooky. They spent at least 30 minutes touching the rays at the touch pool in front of Georgia Explorer. They also were able to get a chance to see the penguins. YES, the penguins are still there, you have to go behind the scenes to see them.

After much pleading on the part of my nephews, we stopped next door at the World of Coca-Cola. I have to say that their 4D movie caught me off guard. The chairs MOVE. You don't just get the air and water effects. The kids actually found it funny, so all was well there.

I should have a scrapblog with a lot more pictures at the end of the week.

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