Friday, July 10, 2009

Camp Stuff

It's the end of camp week for my kids. All in all a success. My daughter has enjoyed the Zoo. She's not sure if she wants to do it next year or not, but she had fun. She had fun getting to see the education animals (and loved holding the red tail boa). The crafts tickled her pink, though she was very annoyed with the older kids who made fun of them.

My son is convinced he's going to try to do his camp again next year. His picks are adventure camp with boy scouts and CEISMC. I'll be visiting this afternoon to see what the projects look like. I've had multiple video games described to me, a screen saver and a LEGO robot. He was also thrilled to get a chance to go swimming at Tech's athletic center.

I'm hoping to enroll both in CEISMC's kids club, I think they'll enjoy that. I've also been told to look out at Fernbank for more parent's nights out where kids get to do science stuff.

So, tomorrow a day to move furniture into the new entertainment room and Sunday my nephews arrive for a week. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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