Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swing set

So, the swing set that my father-in-law and hubby put up when my son was a year old has been mostly dismantled. It's now sitting in my front yard, waiting for a new home. It's old home is going to be converted into a garden area for my kids. They've already picked out a selection of seeds to start and a couple of plants. We'll get hubby to till the (mostly) clay so that we can at least TRY to grow someting back there.

Today a teenager is coming to clean up all the limbs/branches in my yard. Gonna hide them behind the shed. I may rent a mulcher from home depot that'll crunch them up.. I'll give hubby a little bit of time to finish cutting up the cutable stuff before I give up and do my thing.

Said teenager also gets to help me assemble the newest fun thing in the house.. our trampoline. I picked it up from someone on Craigslist. Got it used for less than $100 including the gas it took to go get it. I'll post a picture of it once it's assembled.

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