Sunday, June 28, 2009

Room Re-do

There's always SOMETHING that has to be done on the house. Now that insurance is going to replace my roof, I'm concentrating inside. I found the color paint I'm going to use for the old play room, called raffia ribbon. It's a tan that leads more toward gold. Anyway, as I was prepping the room to paint (getting furniture away from walls, spackling screw holes, etc) I realized that I have to take the single light fixture off of the wall to paint properly. When I first put it up, it was ok to have the cord hanging down the wall since large shelves were hiding it. With the room rearranged, this just won't work. So now there's no lighting in the room. I was going to have to contact an electrician anyway because two closest don't have lights. Now I'll just move up the timetable and see how much 3 will be. There's no fixture or wiring in any of the three locations yet.

My husband says I came up with a 'wild hair' yesterday as well. Before I headed to HD to get paint, I decided I was going to strip the cabinets in the downstairs bathroom. They need the help and compared to the kitchen cabinets will be a cinch. So, while I wait on the electrician's verdict, the play room is in a holding pattern and I'll work on the bathroom instead.

Isn't home renovation fun?

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