Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playroom reorganization Day 1

So, Monday was day 1 of my 5 step/day program to "fix" the playroom. This included retiring Thomas to the attic (for grandkids, the sets are too expensive to do otherwise) and taking all board games out of the room. I'm turning the hall closet into the board game closet, so they'll reside there once it's done. A simple portion of this was taking all pillows out and putting them back where they belonged and dumping most of the stuffed animals into my daughter's room (where they came from). I probably could have done more had I not already worked half day at the Aquarium before trying to tackle it. I was also expecting a roofer by to give me an estimate on roof repair. Besides, the target was to redo the playroom, not run me down in the heat.

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