Friday, May 22, 2009

Cool deals..

So, I use coupons, though I'm not always as good at playing 'the game' as some. I did find a couple of great deals this week, though, that I thought I'd share..

Publix: Buy 1 Get 1 sale: Ritz crackers - I had a coupon for buy a box of ritz, get a box of wheat thins. So I bought one box ritz, got a second box of ritz and a box of wheat thins free. Mini Wheats - I had a $1 coupon, so I got two boxes for $1 less than the price of one. Snyders Pretzels, 2 for $4 - I had a $1 coupon, so I got 2 bags for $3. Lysol Wipes - B1G1, I had a $1 off coupon

Kroger: Lloyds BBQ - B1G1, I had a nice coupon Coke - 4 for $10 (with Kroger card)

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