Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tally for the week

So, this week was meant to get chores out of the way while children were gone. Here's what I managed to accomplish..

Master Bath - spring cleaning scrub Children's Bath - scrub, caulk tub, grout tub, seal grout, caulk floor, fix towel holders 1/2 bath - scrub, re-grout counter top, seal new grout Den - scrub Kitchen - scrub, put up cork board & white board, replace vent Dining room - cleaning Master Bedroom - basic cleaning Laundry, laundry, laundry

Work a shift at the Aquarium

Movies watched: Eagle Eye, Pride & Prejudice, Narnia Prince Caspian, Golden Compass

The sad thing is that all the work started because of a leak somewhere between the two bathrooms upstairs. I fixed many problems with the kids' bathroom, but after washing Dickens Saturday had the drip reappear without much effort. About the only way to find it at this point is to rip out part of the wall, which means redoing the whole bathroom. We don't have money to remodel, so this just does not make me happy.

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