Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sleeping Over

I had a friend of my son's call the other day. He wanted to come over to play. I'd told Robert I didn't mind having friends over, but I wanted to meet parents first. After talking with the mom for a while, it turns out that she wanted her son (with his brother) to have a sleepover at our house so that she and her fiance could go car shopping. OK. I don't mind keeping kids I don't know for a couple of hours, possibly even for a day. But overnight, with no warning with a SIBLING? Get real. How does she know I'd be 'ok' for her kids to stay with? Her kids were definitely old enough to GO WITH her shopping, though I can understand the desire to leave them behind. That who scenario just made me very uncomfortable. Fortunately (?) I had already made plans for the next day, so I told her we couldn't do the sleepover, just a couple of hours of play time. She wasn't interested and said maybe another day. UGH. Some parents just need to GET A CLUE.
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