Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, as of last night I was informed that my daughter wouldn't be allowed to test for black belt until September. Given that we won't be near Choi during summer, that means she can't test until December. There's a change from when my son tested. Originally, you waited 3 months from the time you get brown senior to be able to test for black. That put testing in June (this worked for my son). Our instructor last night informed us she's making everyone wait at least 4 months until they're allowed to test for black. That would put it in July, only there's no testing offered for black belts in July. Next one after that is September.

So, on the way home, I informed my kids that this is probably our last month of Choi. We've already given notice at music that end of March we're withdrawing due to finances. So, I may use that same reason to turn in an 'indefinite leave' at Choi. It'll definitely save us money and I have a feeling my daughter really won't fight it. We'll get through testing this Friday and see how it works out.

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