Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girl's weekend

After the boys left Friday to go on their camping trip, I cooked pizza for dinner. My daughter and I then watched High School Musical so we'd know what the fuss was about. My daughter hasn't decided if she really liked the movie or not.

Saturday, we made the trip to the Institute of Paper Science & Technology for a Brownie class on papermaking & Bookbinding. We left a bit early and stopped downtown at the Varsity for lunch. It was a 'required' stop for heading to Georgia Tech. The class included a (rather dry) tour of the museum, followed by a chance to make their own paper. Then they were given more paper to bind into a 'book' to take home. I tried to take lots of pictures, but my camera (being what it is) didn't cooperate for most of it. I did get some fair shots of the actual paper making procedure, which when I get them edited I will share.

After the class, my daughter and I headed over to the High Museum to check out the Terra Cotta Army. I was glad I was going at my daughter's pace this time as I was already feeling run down. The crowds at the museum were pretty big, which didn't help. We did agree that the model of the making of the men and the horses was cool. My daughter really liked the bronze chariots too. We did tour the Louvre portion of the museum and checked out the "Real or Forgery" portion. Nothing would do that we had to tour 'everything else' before we left. We still missed some. Fortunately, what we missed is part of the permanent exhibit so we can always go back.

On our way home we stopped at McDs to get dinner. Then home, watch iCarly for a while, then played Animal Crossing to get our music from K.K. Slider. After that we pretty much both headed to bed. I should know better, but I let my daughter sleep with me in the king size bed. She'll still take up majority of the bed, but at least I didn't get kicked.

All in all a pretty good weekend. Now to prepare to take my very tired son (who was camping) to his Cub Scout pack meeting and then make him finish his homework.

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