Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Cleaning

Somebody save me! I attempted Friday to clean my daughter's bed room. As those who have visited have seen, my daughter can't clean her way out of a barrel. At any rate, I finally took my turn. In exchange I came out with 5 grocery bags full of trash, one garbage bag full of clothes that she's CONSTANTLY shoving under her bed and a rubbermaid tub full of miscellaneous toys that I've decided she no longer needs.

Now, part of the reason I did this was for survival. Hers to be sure, but mine as well. But also because she has managed to lose her nice digital camera her grandparents gave her. It HAS to be here at the house, so I had to take the time to empty all the bags (backpack, purses, etc) to find out what was in them. In doing so, I found one sock in just about every one. Is she trying to grow them?

By the end, I hadn't found her camera and I doubt she was very happy with me, but her room looked significantly better.

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