Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue & Gold Banquet

I have to congratulate my boys for their work on the center pieces they did for our tables. They won the center piece contest for the second year in a row. I'm one of those that fully believe in having the boys do all the work in putting them together. It assures them that the results belong to them, not me. The center pieces this year were paper presidents made with toilet paper and paper towel tubes. I mounted the smaller ones on paper bowls and labeled them with the president's name. A very simple center piece and definitely home made.

Last year it was a space theme and the boys put together a flying saucer using pie tins and battery-powered Christmas lights. They had a "cub" scout in space by using a beanie-bear which they made a space helmet and uniform for (tin foil is helpful). They also made aliens using puff balls, pipe cleaners and google eyes.

It just goes to show me that the "judges" appreciate something that looks completely home grown, not something an adult has necessarily directed them in. So, next year I'll let the boys do all the planning on the center pieces and we'll go for a three-peat.

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