Friday, January 16, 2009

Off Day

Today is what I'd call an "off" day. I'm not working at the school, nor am I at the Aquarium. I suppose today will be 'clean the office' day so that I can start finding all the stuff for taxes. I don't know how much of that I'll get done. Then again, my kids' playroom needs help with organization. My kids can't figure out how to add their stuff from Christmas neatly into their room. I could take the time to help them out. There's also the laundry that needs to be done so that we have clean clothes to wear. The vacuuming that needs to happen so that the crumbs my family spill get cleaned up. The bird cage needs cleaning as does the room it's in.

More importantly, there's Wii Fit to play and Animal Crossing to conquer. Now that I've had a chance to go visit someone, I may have to go get the Wii-Speak.

My oh my. What shall I do with my off day..?

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