Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kids and their pants

Every so often I am reminded of this (rather forcefully) and have to wonder at the parents. I was walking one 10 year old walk through the halls yesterday morning. She had on tights and a t-shirt that barely came below her bottom. There was no real coverage. Why would a parent allow their child to go out like this?

Then there are the kids that I watched during PE. They had to constantly hold their pants while they ran. If they didn't, the pants would be below their knees quickly. If the pants are that loose, at least add a belt! I love the zip ties you can get. If you have a boy walking down the hall with their pants hanging on their bottom, you can use one as a make-shift belt. Hopefully, the parent then learns that the child needs a belt! The child (usually the older ones) *might* reconsider wearing pants that fit. Probably not, but you can hope.

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