Friday, November 07, 2008

Silent Auctions

I really ought to avoid those things. My son had a choral concert last night at school (which I video taped for family viewing later). To go along with it, the book fair was open for the evening and there was a silent auction to support the United Way. My kids had already visited the book fair, so I went ahead and visited the silent auction. There were 3 things I wanted to bid on, including a hand-made quilt, a dinner gift card and a gift card to a kids' place. I figured the dinner and kids' place would go together one night.. drop the kids off, go have a really nice dinner with hubby. The quilt was just plain nice.

Being who I am, I tried to help jump start some of the other items to get people to bid on them. With my luck, I won half of those. I ended up with an oreo cake (yum) and my daughter got a very nice little princess/fairy music box. I'd also bid on a print for my niece for Christmas and a gift card from River Street Sweets. Those I was outbid on, but that's ok. I think I spent enough money by accident last night. ;)

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