Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Bike

Saturday didn't look too well at the beginning. I finally told my son what he was getting for his birthday from my husband and I. He was convinced he didn't really want a new bike. I gave him time to think about it, then we took my son out to Bikeways of Tucker, a little bike shop not too far from home "just to look around". Amazingly enough, when he realized that what he was getting was a bike that was much closer to what I ride, he was much more enthusiastic about it. So much so that he was more than happy to bring it home. My daughter wanted to get a new bike too, but we told her she had to learn to not use training wheels before we'd consider it. She has two bikes at home already. One is a small princess bike that has training wheels. The other is a pink bike (about 18 inches) that my sister brought over at one point. It needs work, but is otherwise functional. Instead, my daughter got enthused about the idea of using her brother's old bike. So, she convinced her dad to help her out while she rode up and down the street on his bike learning how to balance. I have a feeling that if she doesn't keep this one (it's a nice bike) that come June my daughter will get the blue equivalent that we saw at the bike shop for her. Sierra and I hung out in the yard watching the kids. Sierra wants to know when she gets to run alongside the kids as they bike instead of just watching from the yard.
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