Saturday, November 29, 2008

Daughter v. Husband

My daughter can drive my husband out of his mind in 5 minutes flat. She and her brother are talkers, I'll make no bones about it. They like to bombard me with questions and I generally try to answer them. I stop when they start into the crazy 'What if..' questions that have no bearing on anything.. ie: "What if the moon were suddenly turned into cheese..?" I'll attempt the first few, but after that I draw then line.

My husband isn't used to the question bombardment. He really dislikes it when he's driving the car. I find it easier to answer them then than elsewhere. Last night, on the way home from a friend's house, my daughter started to 'babble' as my husband calls it. She was referring to the raindrops falling down the windows as her "warriors" and displaying her very vivid imagination. I tune most of that out, hubby can't. So he asks for quiet, which starts the question session.

Now, my daughter's brain runs faster than her mouth. So at times she has problems getting the question out and will have to restart it multiple times to get it right. My response is usually for her to stop, think, then try again. Hubby tends to explode. Especially if she's been asking questions on random things for at least 5 minutes.

It's an interesting family dynamic, not necessarily one to be proud of. My son has learned to stop when daddy says stop, almost to the point that he doesn't talk while his dad is in the car (not completely, he has his moments). My daughter still has that to figure out, though I doubt she'll be long in following her brother's lead.

In the long run, though, there are no winners in this battle. Just a truce in understanding.

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