Thursday, October 16, 2008

The troubles keep stacking

I had a bug guy out to spray for spiders. He found signs of termites. Not being one to trust someone immediately just because I hired them once, I called someone else for a second opinion. They came out Thursday and confirmed that one of the areas pointed out is termites. The others are water damage. Woo Hoo! Ok, nothing to celebrate but it means that the problem isn't as bad as was pointed out to me (I had my doubts on some of the things he pointed out). The second company gave me their estimate to treat which is an "easier" system and is Green to boot. My dad uses this company on the house out in Stone Mountain and they've done very well by him. So, this is who'll most likely do our treatment. We can get a bond letter when we're ready to sell too from them. Definitely a must-have.

Getting ready to sell a house rots..

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