Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lilburn Daze

I took my kids out to Lilburn Daze this morning. We got there right as a friend of my son's (and a fellow Cub Scout) was doing a demo with his Karate Dojo. We had fun watching and seeing what some of the differences were between Choi and Karate. We also noted quite a few similarities.

As to the festival itself, my kids came home with a couple of things. My son got a marshmallow shooter and a panda puppet. My daughter got a dress and a stuffed dog with "walker". We bought a Christmas gift for their great-grandmother, too. I would have spent more money, but I ran out of cash, didn't have a check book and vendors didn't take credit card. Ah well. Probably just as well, it limited the damage I could do. For myself, I got a pair of Georgia Tech earrings to wear around school amidst the Georgia fans and a pretty yellow and black ring.

Tomorrow is a community service project with the Cub Scout pack. We have approximately 70 people (adults & kids) coming out to the park to help clean up after Lilburn Daze.

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