Sunday, October 26, 2008

Honor Breakfast

Why is it that to honor kids who get good grades, they have them show up at school extra early? My son made AB Honor Roll this quarter. The Honor Breakfast is at 7am on Halloween. Like being at school starting at 8:30 isn't early enough? I suppose it works out in it's own way, but that just kills the warm fuzzies for me. I'm proud of my son and I know we'll go, but UGH. My KIDS don't normally get up until 7a and it's Halloween of all days.. so they'll be out late. Who'll be grumpier by the end of the day, mom or the kids?

My daughter did well on her report card as well, but they don't do honor roll until 3rd grade or breakfast until 4th, so she'll have to wait a while longer.

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