Monday, October 13, 2008

Cub Scouts in the Park

Most of our Cub Scouts were at the park yesterday to help with our community project. There wasn't as much to clean up as we'd thought there might be, but the boys were kept busy for about 30 minutes. While they were cleaning, two Lilburn police officers cooked hotdogs for the boys then talked to them and answered questions. The boys had a blast doing this. My den took time to create our patrol flag which we'll display Sunday at the pack meeting.

The Webelos then went and tried to play Flag Football. Well, I didn't think they were doing too badly. The dads got them set up and going. My husband was funny when he discovered how little the boys actually knew about playing. He's convinced that his son now needs to sit and watch football more with him. My son wasn't so thrilled with the idea. We'll have to see if we can't come up with a compromise. Possibly attending more Georgia Tech football games.. ;)

Today my kids have the day off from school. We're headed to the Aquarium this morning so they can see the new manta ray..

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