Friday, October 24, 2008

Cub Scout in Uniform

We had a SeaBee visit with the boys Sunday at the pack meeting. The boys were totally fascinated. They loved being able to touch and handle the equipment that he was willing to bring along. My son did what they all did, they put on the body armor. Fully loaded we were told it would weigh around 70 lbs.. not quite as much as my son, but not too far off either.

My den got their first set of shoeboxes off to soldiers serving in Afghanistan this week. The box weighed in at 50lbs. We forgot to include the letter for the Chaplain that's distributing them to the unit, so I had to send that along separately. Anyway, the boys were proud of themselves (as well as they should be) and glad to get to talk directly to someone serving in the military. It brings it a little closer to home for them without making it overwhelming.

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