Sunday, October 19, 2008

Air Show

The air show was fabulous. We got to the parking lot at White Water around 10a. Fairly early since the air portion of the day didn't start until about 11. It did, though, give us a chance to visit a few of the static displays like the C130. The boys had a blast talking with the officers and asking questions. They started keeping count of how many Eagle scouts they met along the way. By the time we finished, I think the tally was 15.

We were able to watch the AF Drill team perform, which the boys were fascinated by. Watching the rifles (with bayonets) spinning, tossing, etc was just too cool. The boys really enjoyed (sorta) seeing the rocket car race the air plane. The airplane had a head start and the rocket car passed it by mid-runway. We were a little too far back to see the actual rocket car, though we heard (and felt) it pass by.

The most common question during the day was "why are the jets so noisy?" They just couldn't quite get that one.

The highlight of the day was (of course) watching the Thunderbirds fly. All of the kids (we took sisters too) were thrilled with this one. I counted myself among the kids by this time. So did the other adults there. I actually got a few good photos.

The only problem we had was the buses. We left right after the Thunderbirds landed. We could have gone to get their autograph and such, but we were trying to beat the worst of the crowds. Unfortunately, it took us 2.5 hours of standing in one place to finally get on a bus. Ugh. I hope they manage to fix this for today's crowd. Someone mentioned that they were expecting record crowds.. Oi. Just my luck that they didn't anticipate well enough.

Oh well, it was still a great day. It was sunny and clear. The high only made it to 67. It got chilly due to wind when we were sitting still, but otherwise was very comfortable.

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