Sunday, September 28, 2008

Webelos Woods

We're back! Webelos Woods was great for the boys. It was a way for the older Cub Scouts to try things that they can't do until they're Boy Scouts. With a 4 man team pancake cook-off "relay", match strike, string burn and more. My only problem all weekend was the ants taking over my cooler last night. We survived, though. We'd eaten most of what the ants would have been interested in. We only had to change what was breakfast.. I wasn't interested in ant muffins. I'm tired and sore, my son is somewhat tired. Getting to bed late and getting up early with LOTS of activities scattered around makes for tired children. (This is a good thing.)

Cooking a pancake. The relay had one boy setting the fire (charcoal), one lighting it, one cooking and one eating. All as fast as possible. The eaters in our group ate mostly raw pancakes that happened to fall in the dirt too (too hot to handle). To complete the race, they had to eat the dirty pancake. Kudos to the boys for doing it, I couldn't have.

The string burn was a team effort. The boys had to gather the material for a fire (leaves, twigs, etc) and lay it out. The goal was to burn a piece of string strung between two metal posts. So they had to build the fire, light it and watch it burn. Quickness was key. My guys had their string burnt in 2 minutes.

The match strike was interesting to watch. The goal was to take the small hatchet and light a wood match that's stuck into the wood. The trick being to not chop the wood match instead.

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