Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kitchen/House Renovations

I've been busy, but not so busy I couldn't write. I've had a hard time coming up with something worth reading lately. I haven't finished my cabinets yet, I keep having to fix small problems, so I don't have those pictures for you. My range hood hasn't been installed because the metal vent came down when we took out the old one. I don't have my light installed over the sink yet, hubby hasn't gotten around to it. Once those are done, I'll start scraping cork board down, painting walls and ceiling, replacing cork and adding a magnetic write/erase board. Lots of stuff to do. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get all the updates on the house done by next summer and we can try listing early. With the lack of a good sellers market for houses, we may need the extra time.

I did make my daughter happy though. I swapped out the little vanity in her bedroom for my big one (made of cherry wood). It's made her room a bit cramped, but when we get ready to stage the house, that'll change. Her extra twin bed will move to my son's room. My son's queen bed will move to my room. My king bed will go into storage for the duration. That'll make all the bedrooms look larger. Staging should be "fun". Hubby won't think so, but I plan on enjoying most of it anyway.

School is in full swing and I'm working a good bit. So updates on the house will be piece meal. I'll get it done though, if I have to hire someone to do it.

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