Friday, September 12, 2008

Cub Scouts are off!

Well, most of the boys that signed up to be a part of my den didn't show. Only 4 boys from outside of our school showed. So, all said, I think I can handle a 7 boy den. It'll be good, too, for the mix. We have 2 boys from each school (ok, one school has 3), so they'll learn about the other schools as well. We aren't doing much YET, September is getting the new boys situated and starting to catch up to what my boys from last year did at summer camp. Next month, though, gets busy.

We start EVERYTHING next month. We'll have a service project, a conservation project, a trip to the air show (yea! Thunderbirds!) and CAMPING. Our pack's family camping is at the end of October. Actually, camping starts at the end of this month with a Webelos specific camping trip. 3 of the boys from my den are going (including my son). So we're off and running. Yipee!

Unfortunately for one of my fellow leaders, no new boys showed up. We had enough to have a good size den, but for whatever reason they didn't come. It seems most of the new sign-ups were older boys, which is very unusual. Of course, of the ones that sign up, half show up to the first couple of meetings and MAYBE half of that actually stay. It's a shame really, they don't know what they're missing.

Effective November my committee chair position changes from Achievements to Outings. I've got all sorts of ideas for what we can do. I'm working on getting the pack into the Aquarium (my favorite place). We're also looking at an overnight trip to Augusta in January. My co-leader and I are planning the fall pack camping trip. I'm taking my den to the air show at Dobbins next month and have invited the pack to join us. Do you get the idea that I like to get out and DO things? I like classroom learning too, but I'm very hands-on generally. I'm sure my boys will end up at Fernbank too.

Speaking of scouting, our schedule isn't working out for my daughter to get back into her Girl Scout troop this year, so she's being included in the things my boys are doing. I'm not altering it too much, it's too much extra work. But she's a smart kid and can handle most of the things my boys are doing. I'm taking leader training for girl scouts, though I'm not forming an official troop there for a while. It's still too much in transition I think. It'll do me well, though, to help her keep going until my son crosses over to Boy Scouts. Then I'll be her full time leader.

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