Monday, August 18, 2008

Redoing my Kitchen - further strife

well, I have hinges.. my cabinet doors are not cooperating, though. It's a puzzle figuring out which door goes where. No two doors are identical, so they won't mix and match very well. So, I go to use the old holes for the hinges and mount the door.. only the door won't quite close properly. It's not the paint, the difference is quite distinct in the way they hang. Hinges from Lowes hang better than hinges from Home Depot. Both are 3/8" inset, in white. The difference is the manufacturer. The problem is my cabinet doors. On a 30+ year old house with original (apparently custom) cabinets, they do their own thing.. ARGH! Just shoot me now.. it's no wonder my back doesn't like me any more. (as my husband patiently pointed out to me, we'll have to drill new holes on many of the doors.. *sigh*)
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