Thursday, August 21, 2008

New appliances!

Hubby and I went out Saturday and picked out new appliances for my kitchen. I have a new stove, dishwasher and vent. We got off on the wrong foot Monday, when everything was supposed to be delivered. The wrong dishwasher was put in for delivery, it was supposed to be white, they brought black. The stove was delivered by someone else, color was right, he didn't have the proper connectors for the gas line. So I had a stove the wouldn't work and no dishwasher Monday night. Bought from HHGregg, fyi. We went there for the sale they had going on and I hadn't heard anything bad about them.

Anyway, the new appliances look SOOO much better than my old ones and work that much better too. :) You can see that I'm slowly making progress on the cabinets as well..

OLD appliances:

NEW appliances:

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