Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm very peeved..

I took the time during the summer to get my children's playroom clean. They get home and things are a disaster again. I've been fairly lenient (too lenient if you ask my husband) in them taking the time to get it done. I've gradually been pushing a little harder for them to get it done. I took away all video games the other day for a week for not doing their work. So they turned on cartoons and didn't do it. I took away TV until it's done. They decided to play something else. I've been telling them that their deadline is Sunday to get it clean. I have someone coming in to steam clean the carpets in the bedrooms and their playroom due to dust mites. I've told them that they don't want me to clean FOR them since if I get in there, I won't be cleaning, I'll be removing. So, now I've taken away most of my daughter's drum set and will take away my son's electric guitar if they can't get the work done. This won't stop them from practicing for their classes, my son still has an acoustic and I'll leave the snare for practice. I want their habits to change, especially since if we list the house it HAS to stay clean. I avoid spanking since I'm afraid I'll hurt them and my apparent other incentives haven't helped.

So what does it take for you to get your children motivated?

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