Saturday, July 05, 2008

Poor Tech Support Guys

So my computer has been down. It wouldn't even turn on, so hubby and I scrounged through the pc's sitting at home meant for scavenging, but none of the power supplies were compatible. So, I waited a day or so for hubby to pick up a new one for me, but work intervened. On Wednesday, June 25th, I took it upon myself to go get a new power supply. Hubby told me what I needed, but I went ahead and took the old one with me anyway.

First job was to look at all the available power supplies and rule out any I knew off hand wouldn't work. Of course, the closest matches were on the bottom shelf, so it took me a few minutes to work my way down. The one where the box matched what my hubby told me, didn't match in fact. I opened one (it was already open) and compared, and the connectors were wrong. So I finally found one that looked to have all the right connectors and decided I'd have a tech guy help me make sure I was right.

I was wrong (of course). The size of the unit was too little for my pc, regardless of the connectors. So I asked him to find the proper one. Well, he pulled one out that was an "AT" power supply, mine was "ATX". I started asking questions and managed to completely get him bumfuzzled about power supplies. He finally had to call a coworker over to figure out what was going on.

Now, I know I'm not a totally tech savvy user, but I'm not illiterate either. I do like to know that what I'm getting *IS* right, so I *will* asks questions. Especially if you start pointing out things to me that don't seem to be right. My apologies to the first technician who helped me, I recommended a valium to him when I left. My thanks to the second technician who actually found what I needed right next to the one I'd picked out before.

Is there a moral to this story? Not really. I enjoy causing confusion especially in someone who is supposed to know what they're doing. My husband's comment was to tell me he could have walked in, gotten what he wanted and been out in less than half the time I was there. I know this, but I had more fun than he would have had.

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