Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blizzard Beach

We took a day away from the "normal" Disney parks and went instead to a water park. My kids have never really been to one, so it was a brand new experience. We started out at the wave pool, which is quite enjoyable if you can get there before it's completely full. They do provide some floats that you can use, but they run out quickly. I also recommend that as soon as you get there, rent a locker for any valuables and find a "central" area to put your stuff. There are lots of little "cubby" areas that have beach chairs to hold your towels and such. They also have refillable mugs with refill stations that you can purchase at the beginning of the day. If you'll be drinking lots of soda, you might consider getting one.

As to the rides and slides, my kids loved the family raft ride "Teamboat Springs" and the "Cross Country Creek". We did those two multiple times. We also tried the Tobbogan Racers. I think, though, that the favorite area was the Ski Patrol Training Camp. There was a swimming pool with slides, zip line, an "ice crossing" and more. My daughter did the slides and the zip line, my son decided he'd done enough of those by then.

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