Monday, June 16, 2008

Testing Results

He Passed! There were 21 juniors testing for il-dan (1st degree) black belt and 14 adults. There were 6 adults and 1 junior testing for ee-dan (2nd degree) and one adult for san-dan (3rd). Testing took about 3 hours to complete. Congrats to all those that tested, they looked good.

The video is of the power test. This is the last thing that happens when testing for a new belt. The first series of kicks in this case are a spinning side kick. The second series is a spinning reverse swing kick.

Just as a point of interest, the difference in uniforms. Solid black is a full instructor. Solid blue is an adult assistant instructor. Blue with black is a junior assistant instructor. Red with black is what's called "Black Belt Club" generally kids who've made the commitment to go all the way to black belt. Solid white is a basic student.

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