Sunday, June 22, 2008


My son has a rash. It started just after day camp started so I thought it was heat rash. It didn't act like heat rash so I thought maybe poison ivy/oak. After two weeks it was still spreading (not quickly, but it was spreading) so I took him to the doctor. She took about 5 minutes to diagnose it as molluscum contagiosum. Something that is more prevalent in kids 2-10 and is touch-contagious. To contract it you have to either touch the area itself (skin-to-skin) or something that has been in touch with it. Ugh.

We're using a topical cream called Imiquimod on each lesion nightly. Fortunately, his outbreak is small (under the arm), so we can hope it'll clear up quickly. Unfortunately, I'm apparently sensitive to the cream, so I've got to start using gloves to put it on him.

A new experience he and I both could have done without.

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