Friday, May 30, 2008

Swim Swim Swimming

Now that it's summer, my daughter has become fixated on going to the pool. I got this idea from my sister (who takes it a lot further than I do) as a way to reassure myself when it comes to my kids at the pool. Nothing replaces careful monitoring and such, but it does help. At the beginning of summer, I give my kids a 'swim test'. They have to swim across the pool and back without touching the bottom. They also have to show me how to float without assistance. I'm not worried about technique, just effectiveness.

Once they've demonstrated that (and rested), they can go to the diving board and jump in. They can use the water slides. Our county pool has a "river", they're allowed in that. This year should be the first year that my daughter is allowed to swim without me having to be within arms reach. It should be an interesting experience for me.

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