Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camping Trip cut short

Well, my son ended up feeling ill yesterday at the camp-out. Unfortunately, a shower and a nights' sleep didn't help. So we came home early.

Despite that, we had a lot of fun. We had a medieval theme for the kids with a jousting course (with noodles) which were made by the boys at the Royal Armorer. Tunics they helped design and assemble at the Royal Seamstress. Wands that chose their bearer at the Royal Wizard's Shoppe.

A Royal Wizard made "magic ice cream" using liquid nitrogen (don't try this at home). The boys became part of performing groups which entertained the King and Queen. They also assisted the Royal Cooke at the camp fire kitchen.

At the end of the evening Saturday, we had a flag retirement ceremony. The boys (and girls) all seemed to really appreciate the event and did very well with it. It was especially poignant on Memorial Day weekend.

To be honest, though, the highlight seemed to be trying to fish at the (extremely low) lake.

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