Thursday, March 13, 2008

This week hurts

I really don't care for weeks like this. I opted Tuesday to get Mirena. If you go for this option, take ibuprofen ahead of time. The nurse didn't tell me to, so I didn't. Man I hurt all day after. Bad enough with cramps, then they tell you it's a 4 step process.. open, pinch, pull, pinch. OUCH! Then the cramps come back harder than before. I haven't cramped this bad since high school.

Then last night my daughter decides to try to cough up a lung. She wasn't successful. Only thing she managed to do was keep both of us awake all night. Took her to the doctor today, he says it's most likely a 'viral' cough. We can try the albuterol nebulizer, but he didn't think it'd help. Basically it's a wait and see.

My son and I were supposed to go camping this weekend. It's 70% chance of rain. Ugh. With the way I feel and the fact that my son is starting to cough, I'll have to pass.

I was supposed to get my car worked on this week. Didn't happen.

Some weeks really rot.

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