Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girl's Clothes

I did spring cleaning on my children's drawers. My son lost a few things, but you wouldn't be able to really tell from what's left. All I really ended up doing was making his drawers neater.

On the other hand, I took less from my daughter and noticed more. I knew she had outgrown several of her summer dresses from last year, but didn't see a rush to replace them. I've been watching, though, as her pants slowly went from fitting to high water. So I cleaned out her drawers. I ended up removing half of what she had for pants. So I decided Monday would be a good day to go shopping for clothes.

Fortunately, I can shop pretty easily for her still. She likes to wear what everyone else is wearing, but if it's sparkly, purple, pink, etc she's okay with pretty much whatever. So I hit the Disney store since they were having a sale. Got her a couple of dresses, including a toile Cinderella dress. Spent way too much.

Wandered through the mall thinking I needed to head to Target/Wal-Mart for the rest of her shopping. I ended up in the Limited Too. I haven't had a chance to shop in there before. I hit their clearance racks, got her a few more pair of jeans. Picked up a tunic/dress and pants set that she really likes as well. She was even excited about the underwear I'd gotten her. Again, spent way too much.

All together, I had way too much fun that didn't last long enough. If only my son were as easy to shop for. In a way he is. If it's sweat pants or fleece, he likes it. He swears jeans make him "itch". Nice pants make him "itch". Nice shirts make him "itch". Amazing that everything we have gets washed the same way and yet he reacts only to the nice stuff.

I can honestly say I knew there were a LOT of cute girl things out there. I don't think it occurred to me just how expensive it was to buy. Oi. I only have a few more years of flexible child dressing before I have a feeling it'll get worse. A lot worse.

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