Saturday, January 05, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy

I have an 80 gallon fish tank in my kitchen. For the longest time, the only fish in it were an 8 inch long leporinus, a 3 inch long red-tailed rainbow and a 7 inch long pleco. Over the holidays I decided it was time to add more fish back in to the tank. The first thing I did was take out the small castle that was in the tank and replace it with a large rock that smaller fish could hide under or behind. As it turns out, my leporinus really liked it and has taken to hiding behind it (he moved it so that he'd fit). So I got a floating log for smaller fish to hide in. I already had a log sitting on the bottom of the tank.

I started with what was already in the tank. I picked up two small (just over an inch) long red-tailed rainbow fish. That made my one rainbow fish very happy. They've been a trio since.

About a week later I went by PetSmart to check out what they had. I followed my original plan and picked up two more leporinus. I then went "exotic" and got two Senegal Bichir. Everything said that they're aggressive, but do fine as long as the other fish are bigger. Well, unfortunately for the bichir, one of the other fish in the tank was more aggressive than they were. So I have my 3 leporinus, 3 rainbows and one pleco in the tank.

My tank is much more enjoyable with more than my 3 original fish. Hopefully the little guys will survive.

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