Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where were you?

As we remember 6 years ago today, most of us will remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news. My family and I were at Disney World. We'd woken up to a "normal" vacation morning and had gone to EPCOT for the day. My dad at that time had access to some of the lounges that exist behind the scenes at some of the rides. We'd gone to Test Track and gone to the lounge to check it out. They had TVs everywhere that were on the news. The first plane had hit when we got there and were stunned. We watched the news as the second plane hit. Then we watched as the first tower collapsed. There wasn't much in the way of conversation going on.

Since we had my kids with us, we decided to go ahead and try to be as normal as we could. We went ahead and rode the Test Track ride. As we got off, we were informed that the parks were closing and that we were to go back to our resorts. We were staying on the Boardwalk.

Most of the guests we encountered going back had no idea what was going on. We'd heard the news but didn't get the opportunity to tell anyone. I think were still in disbelief of it all.

When the parks finally reopened, it was very eerie. There were noises that just weren't there that should have been. The employees were trying to make it all a "normal" day, but the parents were very subdued. I think most of the kids sensed something going on and were subdued as well. The other thing that was missing was the sound of planes overhead. You didn't notice that they were there until they were gone.

So take a moment at some time today and remember all that happened on that day 6 years ago. Say a prayer for those that gave their lives both on that day and since as a result of that day.

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