Friday, August 10, 2007

Other Reward Programs

Following yesterday's post, I thought I'd mention those other little programs where you carry little cards on your key chain. Those little laminated things that get in the way of the keys and you wonder why in the world you're carrying them.. COUPONS! Yes, you get coupons. The ones I carry are pretty basic.. Kroger & Publix (discounts, coupons, and UPROMISE), CVS (lots of coupons), PetSmart (some coupons), PetCo (blah). I also have one for Best Buy (haven't done a lot here, but friends say it's pretty good) and Staples (ok, but the back to school sales are better).

You can always get those "punch with purchase" type cards with some stores as well. I have one for a bird supply dealer that I get bird stuff from once a year. I've also got one from Beall's that's just about full (thanks to back to school shopping).

My husband has stopped laughing about my coupons. I've gotten money back when shopping with all my coupons. I've gotten stuff free (including Delta Skymiles) by saving all those coke caps (MyCokeRewards).

The good thing about it all, is that it really doesn't take a lot of effort to do it. Just making it into a habit.

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